Want a Successful Business, But Don’t Feel Too Ambitious – What is an Ambitious Person Anyway? Consider This…

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If you feel you lack the ambition many other business owners seem to have to grow their business, we recommend you watch Alice's video above. Most of us think of business ambition as focusing on the goal of building that business at all costs…but ignores the reality that most of us face in life with other obligations, priorities and competing life interests.

If you have a family, a day job or other things that take a central role in your life, it's understandable that what we typically think of ambition might not be there.

But what is an ambitious person, really?

Alice suggests that you look at ambition differently and offered her online business journey as an example.

She says:

“People think I'm ambitious. I've been the sole provider for my family for nearly two decades and I build an online business exceeding most people's expectations for success, but I did it because my ambition is to be LAZY.

Or more fairly, my ambition is to protect my time. I'm not actually lazy, but I want to protect my time to work less and get more out of life that I want…which is the freedom to do what I want, when I want.

And it's been a theme all my life.

As an employee, I worked hard and was a good employee, but I protected my time then. I worked in the restaurant industry where it's typical that you must work weekends and holidays, but somehow I got out of it and the managers at the restaurant I worked at never scheduled me for weekends or holidays without asking first. And sure, those weekends and holidays were often busy and great times to make more money, but my time was more important to me.

I later worked for a government agency that did not have a “work at home” policy back then. Yet, somehow I convinced them to let me work at home a day or two a week.

Then I discovered and figured this was a great way to pursue my ambition of laziness or whatever you'd like to call it. But I started out by working too many hours and realized, my goodness, I need to be smarter. So I started to build a team and leveraged the work of others and provided opportunities to others to have the same freedom as I did. I absolutely love that.

In addition, I decided to stop focusing on building a large audience as I did start out with a pretty large community of work at home moms, but it was a lot of work and responsibility. This was before social media and now everyone is still focusing on building these huge audience and being an influencer, but for me…I decided to focus on targeting CUSTOMERS instead if building large audiences. A smaller group of people who would PAY me for my work.

In short, I leveraged my time so that I could do less and get more from it.

And perhaps if you frame your goals outside of your ambition to have a successful online business…you know, what's really important to you…and be ambitious about that thing, I bet you'd find more success and that ambitious person inside of you.”

We hope that gives you some food for thought in reframing what ambition you have for your life…and how you can start to find more success for your business. Knowing WHY you're doing something makes it much easier to achieve that goal.

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