How to Set Your Business Priorities…and Avoid These Common Mistakes.

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In a recent Facebook Group post (join us here, if you haven't already), we put out some choices about topics our members want to talk about.

The 3 hottest topics are for our customers are:

  • Mindset
  • Marketing
  • Design

And of course, in the group, we should talk about all those topics as they're important, but we wanted to give you some food for thought to help you build priorities as you're trying to build your online business.

Some Thoughts for Setting Your Own Business Priorities:

  1. Mindset FIRST – because mindset is what makes it possible to run a successful business, to juggle everything you need to and to make the right choices to make all this happen. It's critical that your mind is right to handle all this.
  2. Marketing NEXT – because it's your marketing skills that will build an audience and sells a product…and a USEFUL product will likely outsell a PRETTY product any day. And when you understand marketing, you understand USEFUL. You will know what kind of products to bring to your audience
  3. Design LAST – In most cases, this is something you should outsource unless it's totally your passion and it's why you do what you do. And in that case, you probably already know enough about design to have to keep studying it intently. Sure, learn new techniques, share new discoveries in the group etc…but it's continuing to design that will develop your skills and talents.

What are your thoughts? Where do your priorities land? Share them in the group here.

We're always here to help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams!

What To Do Next: Insider Help to Get Your Business Priorities Straight

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