Quick Case Study: Improve Your Email Writing Skills by Adding Value Through the Follow-Up

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If you want to learn how to write better emails that speak directly to your subscribers and inspire action, it's always great to learn from an example. That way, you can adapt these ideas to your own unique emails and business needs.

The Case Study: Follow up with Subscribers Who May or May Not Have Claimed an Offer

As you probably know, the magic is in the follow up to get more people to claim your offers. You can't expect to email just once and that's it. The more you follow up and the more you give your potential customer to consider, the more likely they are to say yes.

But in this process, you may find yourself being repetitive and you might actually end up emailing some people who ALREADY took action on your follow up. So how do you keep from wasting people's time?

The answer is simple…you ALWAYS ADD VALUE to your emails, no matter what you're sharing or promoting.

In an ideal world, when you email, you should exclude anyone who has taken you up on your offer when you're sending more emails. But that isn't always possible, especially if you're promoting something as an affiliate or using a different system for sign ups.

4 Things to Do to Make Your Follow Up is Useful to ALL Your Subscribers:

  1. Acknowledge those who already signed up
  2. Pack on some value to the people opening your new email.
  3. Tell them what to do next.
  4. Make sure you will get their attention…before you hit send.

In fact, we often do this intentionally, even when we could exclude people.

We're going to use a recent email we sent about our free workbooks class as an example.

#1: How to Acknowledge People

We don't want people to feel like, “I already signed up. Why am I getting this email,” so we choose to acknowledge those who already took action.

Here's how we started this particular email:

Greeting to acknowledge your subscriber and improve your email writing skills.

Things to Note: We start out with a little hype and perhaps give the people who haven't signed up a touch of FOMO (“fear of missing out”). And we also acknowledge they may have already signed up and tell them we're excited to see them.

Key Tip: Even though we are sending this email to a bunch of people, we are writing it as though we're speaking to ONE person. This is key in emails. Make them feel like you're talking to them only, so they pay closer attention.

#2: How to Add Value

This email was about “what to expect” in the session, so it's useful to people who have signed up and those who haven't. So we gave a fresh list of what they can expect in the session and broke it down, step-by-step of what will happen during the free event.

We even told them what I am teaching and what Yusef is teaching, trying to be as specific as possible, so they can imagine how valuable and FUN this event will be.

We also told them about a free PDF download we'll give out during the session, to encourage everyone to attend live.

What to Expect During This Session

Then we included a list of 2 things to bring to class, so they're prepared. It's a simple list and also a compliment to our audience that shows appreciation.

Tell them what to expect...and show your appreciation too.

#3: Tell Them What To Do Next

And finally, we told them what to do next, so they take ACTION in signing up, getting into our group, subscribing to our channel and telling their friends about the event. And buttered them up a bit more, which is quite natural the way we write to our customers and community. We always express our gratitude.

Even if they've already signed up, the #2 and #3 action steps can still apply.

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#4: Before You Hit Send, PLAN To Get Their Attention

If you want to improve your email writing skills, it starts by getting attention.

Now, what about getting them to open this email? We want it to appeal to both people who have signed up and those who haven't yet.

The keys to that are in:

  • The subject line.
  • The first line of the email, as it can usually be seen as a preview in most email program.

As a subject line, we chose:

“FREE Class Update (2 things to bring)”

This appeals to both because those who haven't signed up will be lured by the free class info and there might be a new development that might be interested in. And for those who have already signed up, we're giving them an update on what to expect and the “2 things to bring” is a hook to get them to check how they can be prepared.

As for the first line that will be seen in a preview, it was:

“We're so excited to see so many signing up for Wednesday's FREE Workbook Class!”

This includes a little hype, tells them what kind of class it is (workbooks) and perhaps creates some FOMO for those who haven't signed up, as we mentioned earlier.

Email is an incredibly powerful tool because you get to speak directly to the audience, but not all emails are equal. It's important to really think about who you're writing too and reach them as personally as possible…even when you might be emailing thousands.

What's your takeaway from this? What tip could you use in your emails today?

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To your publishing success,

Alice and Yusef

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